We currently serve over 4341customers with more than 29,000MWH under management with a total savings of $12,450,000 so far in 2011. Click here to find out how you can save on your electricity bill.
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Who we are

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Global Energy Solutions is committed to helping customers better manage the risk of energy volatility by offering a host of products previously only available to large corporations.

Global Energy Solutions helps businesses of all sizes create effective energy strategies to lower their utility bills. Utility deregulation in states such as Texas, New York and Illinois allows Global Energy Solutions to secure the lowest-possible energy rates for its customers by assessing their energy needs; helping them choose the right utility company; managing their energy contracts; and identifying ways to reduce energy consumption.

Global Energy Solutions offers your business a long-term energy management relationship. From buying a new meter for a new location, to changing the address on your bill, to renegotiating rates according to market conditions – Global Energy Solutions is your complete energy management service.

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Why Global Energy Solutions?

Global Energy Solutions makes shopping for Energy Providers EASY

  • No Obligation Free Energy Analysis
  • There is no cost involved for our services
  • We shop at least 3 providers for each quote
  • We offer the lowest rate on the market
  • We offer multiple year price protection
  • You will have one point of contact for all of your energy needs
  • We work with Electricity and Gas
  • GES Certified Energy Consultants
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  • Nevada
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